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Angry Birds Rio – Movie

by Angry Bird

Century Fox has done it again and released another amazing movie that is sure to be a hit. Angry Birds Rio seems to be hands down the smash of the spring. The Angry Birds Rio is a 96 minute movie that is like no other and is a wonderful movie that can be viewed by kids of all ages. Brought to us from the makers of Ice Age hit series, Angry Birds Rio is a comedy-adventure about taking a walk on the wild side. You will watch this movie in laughter and feel every emotion you have through the movie.

The story starts around Blu, who is a domesticated Macaw, who never learned to fly. He is quite happy though and living a very comfortable life with his owner Linda in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. Linda and Blu are convinced that he is the last of his kind until they learn about another Macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro. So the two of them decide to travel to this faraway land to find Jewel, who is Blu’s female counterpart. This is where the excitement begins.

Soon after their arrival, Blu finds Jewel, only for them to be kidnapped very shortly after by a bunch of bumbling animal smugglers. Jewel uses her sleek city ways, and enlists the help of some street smart birds, and they both escape. With Jewel and his new friends he is off to reunite with Linda the best friend he has ever had. The story line in this movie will captivate you through the whole show, you will not be disappointed.

So far the film has grossed over 473 million dollars worldwide. The popularity of the movie keeps growing as well. The movie is based on the Angry Birds game. To date there has been over 150 million downloads and they plan to turn Angry Birds into a franchise. They feel it will even get bigger than Super Mario. There has already been expansion into toys and such. If you have seen Angry Birds Rio it’s no surprise that Blu and Jewel have become so popular. It’s a gem of a movie for young and old alike. It’s a wonderfully made movie that will make everyone smile and is great for the whole family to see

The popularity of this movie is not surprising, as Century Fox seems to have a running record of smash hits, and Angry Birds Rio has definitely proved to be that. So today when it’s quite hard to find an appropriate movie for all of the family to see, Angry Birds Rio is a great option.

Young and old alike can appreciate the story line and the warmth of the characters. Regardless of your age you can relate to having a best friend in the world that you love so much, as Blu is with Linda. You can also relate to the aspect of making new friends and having them help and stick up for you. Many wonderful life lessons are presented in this movie and it’s a must see.

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